Our Methodology

HR Strategies is an OD consulting firm headquartered in Singapore

We work with the functional and business heads of some of the most prominent government and private sector organisations in ASEAN. We enable clients get future ready, by aligning their people and business strategy. We partner with clients to build genuinely customized and sustainable solutions that work in the real world.

We employ the triad of Diagnostics, Alignment and Transformation to unfailingly achieve predefined outcomes. Our coaching approach and active handholding through implementation help us build lasting business relationships with clients.

Appreciative Inquiry – a new powerful paradigm in OD

We use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) extensively: it is a strengths-based approach that not only enhances organisational performance but also transforms it.

As against a traditional management approach that views organisations as mechanical entities that need to be fixed, our AI approach views organisations as living systems with a myriad of strengths, capable of evolving and transforming. This approach helps us transcend new horizons and opens unimaginable possibilities.

AI helps to:

  • Focus on the positive to crowd out the negative.
  • Create space for hope, suspend notions on why things cannot happen.
  • Energise the team and drive them forward.
  • Transcend hierarchy levels to obtain input & buy-in.

Why Choose Us

Clarity is what we bring to clients. Our insights enable us to quickly sift information, transcend traditional boundaries, apply learnings from cross-geography and cross-industry situations, and develop meaningful solutions.

  • Our clients say we bring clarity.
  • Our clients believe we provide fresh ideas.
  • Our clients appreciate our bold thinking.

Our clients admire us for our ability to look beyond symptoms and effectively identify critical issues that require to be addressed.