Accelerating Growth

The Client:

Our client, a large local organisation with a long history and many long serving employees, had recently appointed a new CEO.

The Challenge:

The organisation, though profitable, was experiencing a steady erosion of profit margins due to competition from cheaper products from low cost locations.

The CEO was given the task to enhance profitability and expand geographically.

The Solution:

Our premise:

In order to bring the transformation, we need to harness the energy of all employees and get them to believe in the future.

What we did:

Tier 1: Mapping transformation roadmap

  • Helped the CEO and his direct reports articulate the desired future in terms of:
    • operating targets.
    • target customer profiles,geographic markets, employee experiences etc.
  • Conducted a transformation workshop (using Appreciative Inquiry) to craft a clear and emotionally compelling narrative about the desired future.

Tier 2: Engaging employees

  • The leadership spearheaded organisation-wide staff engagement through extensive communication and cascade workshops.
  • They communicated the need for change using story-telling technique.
  • The CEO shared the change roadmap with tangible milestones.
  • He also highlighted behaviours and actions required to drive the desired change.
  • Employees recognised existing strengths of the organisation and regained confidence to invest in the future.

Tier 3: Staying on course

  • The CEO held his direct reports accountable for performance targets.
  • Senior personnel who did not model the desired behaviours were encouraged to get off the bus as early as possible.

The Result:

A highly visible leadership team, along with intensive employee engagement, and celebration of quick wins, paved the way towards accelerated growth.