Capability Development

Typical questions our clients ask us:

  • What capabilities will my team need to develop, to meet future demands of the business?
  • How can I align L&D initiatives and performance management system to our competency framework?
  • How do identify functional competencies to build our technical bench strength?
  • How can I persuade my leaders and managers to be accountable for capability development?
  • How can I improve the quality candidates who are selected?
  • How can I measure the ROI of various L&D initiatives that are in place?
  • How can I link performance management system to our company values?

In today’s complex business environment, organisations are increasingly appreciative of the value of high performing employees bring to the table.Employee capability development has emerged as critical enabler to drive business performance.

We work with clients to develop and implement HR initiatives to enhance employee capability. This includes:

  • Competency development
  • Performance management
  • Potential assessment
  • Selection process
  • L&D initiatives.

We customise solutions based on organisational context, performance issues,resources and reward practices required to support behavioural changes and skill enhancement. We look for ways to anchor capability development with other HR initiatives in the organisation, to create unifying threads for employees and managers.