Choosing Successors in a Family Business

The Client:

Our client, a family business run by the second generation, had a stellar record of business performance.They were interested in expanding the business geographically and moving up the value chain.

The Challenge:

The family wanted to develop and implement a succession plan.

The Solution:

Our premise:

For effective succession planning,there needs to be clarity on the profile of the future leaders.It also requires a well-defined assessment process to ensure leader selection is unbiased.

What we did:

Tier 1: Designing the plan

  • Formed a family council and empowered it to steer the project.
  • Defined the profile of future leaders; how similar or different should they be from the Founder/CEO.
  • Developed leadership competencies and potential assessment criteria.
  • Designed the selection process to identify future leaders.

Tier 2: Handholding through the implementation

  • Coached our client to use the competency based assessment process.
  • Helped them to make brave calls and exercise managerial judgement.
  • Ensured the process was seen to be fair and transparent.

The Result:

The succession process was smooth and decisions taken have helped the family strengthen their leadership team.