Competency Based Selection and Assessment Centre

Competency-based selection is one of the most popular competency applications, as it has proven to result in improving the quality of candidates selected and the effectiveness of the selection process. Competency based selection tools help the selector seek information in a structured manner to assess if the candidate has the capacity to demonstrate specific behaviours that matter to the organisation.

Using competency based selection tools enables selectors to move away from making decisions based on the “emotional attraction” of the applicant: “Who do I like the best?” or “Which candidate seems to compliment my work style?” to “Who is likely to be successful in this organisation”.

We work with clients to design the whole process beginning with identifying competencies to developing the competency based selection tools. Specifically, we help clients to:

  • Identify the differentiating competencies associated with hi-performance.
  • Design competency based interview guides, case studies and assessment centres.
  • Impart skills to managers to conduct assessment centres or competency based interviews.

The assessment centres we have designed provide clients with a combination of selection techniques to measure candidate’s suitability to the organisation. Typically our assessment centres include:

  • In-tray exercise.
  • Role play exercise.
  • Case study based analysis exercise.
  • Psychometric personality questionnaire.
  • Group discussion, and
  • Competency based interview.