Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

The Client:

Our client, the regional HQ of an MNC had embarked on a worldwide initiative to enhance Customer Experience. They viewed profitability and providing a superior customer experience, as flip sides of the same coin.

The Challenge:

The questions on the table were, ‘How does one create a more Customer-Centric Culture and what is the role of the Regional HQ in bringing this about?

The Solution:

Our premise:

Creating a Customer-Centric culture requires:

  • being ‘Externally’ and ‘Internally’ Customer-Centric.
  • knowing and serving the external and internal customers in equal measure.

What we did:

Tier 1: Diagnosing hindrances to excellent customer service

  • Conducted an internal customer survey that focused on roles, expectations and service delivery.
  • The diagnostics revealed that enhancing customer experience required clarifying roles & expectations at regional HQ, redesigning jobs, reviewing measures,and streamlining internal processes for effective service delivery.

Tier 2: Developing action plan

  • The findings were presented in a workshop.
  • Participants identified actions to enhance customer experiences.
  • These were categorised and prioritised. Action categories included:
    • skills enhancement.
    • process changes.
    • communication initiatives.

Tier 3: Job redesigning to embed Customer-Centric culture

  • We redesigned the jobs to make them more Customer-Centric and suggested new performance measures to embed the culture change.

The Result:

The customer experience survey conducted after the project, showed a positive increase in scores.