Culture Change

We believe that culture is an end-variable. It is a pattern of behaviours that are encouraged or discouraged by people and systems over time. Good culture management can have a tremendous positive impact on business results. Culture is influenced by a multitude of organisational levers, therefore, very elusive to change. These levers include:

  • Leadership styles.
  • Organisation structure.
  • Policies.
  • Business processes.
  • People skills.
  • Technology.

We have successfully used our methodology to enable organisations articulate and initiate the culture change needed, making culture change a more ‘do –able’ proposition.

Our approach to changing culture-

  • begins with articulating a clear picture of desired culture outcomes, i.e. patterns of behaviour we want employees to demonstrate.
  • measuring the ‘as is’ i.e. current culture.
  • laying out a step by step plan towards the ‘to be’ i.e. desired culture.
  • suggesting ways to monitor & measure, and
  • finally motivating and rewarding employees to demonstrate desired behaviours.

We recommend specific interventions such as; changing leader behaviour, redesigning the way people work, revamping processes, developing employee skill sets, and recognising and rewarding behaviour /mind-set change.