Diversity & Inclusion

Typical questions our clients ask us:

  • How do I build an organisation that celebrates diversity and inclusive behaviour?
  • How do I support women to take up leadership roles?
  • How I can create an inclusive work environment that harnesses varied points of view and collective intelligence?
  • What skills will my managers need to manage a distributed team?
  • How can I improve the effectiveness of flexible work arrangements?
  • How can I bring inactive professional women back into the workforce?
  • How can I create an inclusive workplace that brings together employees across the hierarchy?

Why Diversity?

Diversity is the “big idea” in business. Organisations have recognized diversity as a source and driver of innovation and engagement. The power of diversity is further unleashed by building inclusive workplaces where differences are respected and valued. Successful organisations celebrate diversity and encourage inclusiveness to enhance employee engagement, increase retention and boost business performance.

Diversity is any factor that differentiates groups and individuals from one another. Over and above traditional differences, we all bring to work diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. Inclusion refers to creation of an environment that supports and enables full contribution from all employees despite their differences. Diversity is the mix; inclusion is getting the mix to jell together.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is unique since we focus on a systemic change by aligning all organisational levers. Such an approach ensures that Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are sustainable. Our work includes design and implementation of comprehensive forward thinking policies and practices. We assist in attitude change and skill building of employees, managers and leaders. Our clients have seen tangible improvement in the retention of women in the workforce, and gains in employee engagement. Such initiatives have helped our clients to tap into the contributions of a broader pool of talent.