Embedding Values

Companies that are Values-driven are known to better engage with their employees. Typically, Corporate Values guide the way a company works, the solutions it offers, the employment environment it provides, and the way it partners with the community. Values provide a common inclusive language for global companies to communicate with their diverse workforces.

Senior management spends a lot of time articulating Corporate Values. However, these ‘Values’ often remain mere words seen on corporate websites, repeated by HR during hiring and employee induction programs, but seldom translated into action.

Employees across the hierarchy do not see an intrinsic need for these Values and are unable to comprehend what needs to be done differently to demonstrate the Values.

Our work focuses on embedding Values in an organisation. We believe organisations need to reinforce Values in day-to-day actions at the work place. This requires alignment of behaviours, actions, systems and processes to the Values.

We also conduct ‘Value Workshops’ that inspire employees to imbibe and demonstrate Values in their everyday work.