Employee Friendly Career Portal

The Client:

Our client is a statutory board. They wanted to strengthen their employee centric communication on career development.

The Challenge:

Over time, as a result of many career development initiatives, there was a large amount of relevant information. However, the information was dispersed and it was a challenge to navigate this maze efficiently.

The Solution:

Our premise:

Consolidating all information and tools pertaining to career development under one roof, will enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the career development process.

What we did:

Tier 1: Designing the sitemap

  • Conducted a workshop for all potential users – managers, HR and employees to brainstorm on the desired features and personalised services.
  • Gathered desired information ( ‘I want to know this’ ) and functionalities (‘I want to be able to do this’) under the following headings:
    • Explore self.
    • Explore the world of work.
    • Explore growth within the organisation.
  • Agreed on content areas and functionalities.

Tier 2: Designing the content framework

  • Created a one-stop portal design to provide information on career matters.
  • Identified content tactics to drive employee traffic to the portal.
  • Designed the portal to host important content on:
    • career policies.
    • competency frameworks (Core, Functional and Leadership).
    • interactive competency assessment tool.
    • career options.
    • integrated training road maps.
    • available training courses.
    • learning resources such as books, articles, on-the-job activities and positive examples of competency demonstration.
    • job opportunities.

Tier 3: Finalising the look and feel

  • Worked with a team of graphic designers to develop designs (visual interface) and functionality for each content area.
  • Created alternate design templates to choose from.
  • Employees voted on final visual look of the career portal.

The Result:

  • Our consulting process ensured that the user experience shaped the portal design.
  • Content delivery and the functionality were customised to the users’ needs.
  • Clear portal design resulted in significant savings on software development costs.