Giving Relevance to Mission and Vision

The Client:

Our client is a key government ministry.

The Challenge:

Our client chose to review their mission and vision statements to reflect the changes in the external operating environment.

The Solution:

Our premise:

Vision statement is an expression of the desired end state providing long-term focus. It should aspire and challenge everyone to reach for something powerful and compelling. The Mission statement should capture the purpose of the organisation and convey the unique nature and role it plays.

The statements must be relevant in the context of the changes in external environment.

What we did:

Tier 1: Understanding the changing context

  • Conducted interviews with leaders (PS and direct reports) to understand their perception of the external environment, challenges, stakeholder expectations and their priorities going forward.

Tier 2: Envisioning the future

  • Designed workshops based on Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Participants were involved in dreaming the ministry‚Äôs future and enacting it with visual props.
  • Participants identified changes and drafted mission and vision statements, aligned with the desired future.

Tier 3: Crafting the Mission and Vision statements

  • Shared the workshop outputs with leadership team.
  • Deliberated on the mission and vision draft statements.
  • Crafted the revised mission and vision statements.

Tier 4: Validation of the draft Mission & Vision Statements

  • Validated the revised mission and vision statements through focus groups.
  • Suggested refinements to the mission and vision statements.

Tier 5: Roll Out

  • Proposed a multi-pronged communication strategy including leadership townhalls, departmental meetings and news letters.

The Result:

The mission and vision statements reflected the changed context. There was a high level of buy-in to the revised mission & vision statements.