Inclusion Audit

Inclusion maximises the contribution of employees by recognising and identifying biases and prejudices that stand in the way of peak participation at work. Inclusion audit is a proactive way to solicit feedback and highlight any inclusion issues at the workplace. It provides quantitative and qualitative information about perceptions, levels of satisfaction and specific experiences among employees with regard to inclusivity at work.

Such an audit is an ideal starting point for organisations that are in the early stages of developing a diversity strategy. Additionally, it helps to:

  • Identify critical work group issues, if any, for urgent attention.
  • Provide insights into organisational culture and people management practices that are hindering inclusion.

We offer clients two forms of audit administration – Online Surveys and Design Groups. In order to have a wider coverage of employee population, we recommend an Online Survey. While Online Surveys can be very effective in capturing the rational aspects of inclusiveness, Design Groups help us identify the emotional factors facilitating or hindering inclusiveness. However, with Design Groups, we are able to cover only a representative sample of the employee population.

Armed with an understanding of the organisation’s hidden strengths and blind spots with regard to inclusion, we develop a framework of interventions and policy reforms that will facilitate building an inclusive workplace. We steer leaders towards identifying future action, clarifying role model behaviours of a Diversity Champion, building skills and setting progress milestones to track.