Living the Values

The Client:

Our client, a local organisation was reinventing itself, following a change of CEO.

The Challenge:

The new CEO was concerned that the employees were not living the Corporate Values. The Values were printed on post-it slips, induction brochures and posted on the company website. However, the important questions were – how to bring these Values alive in the organisation, and what could be done to embed these Values in day-to-day activities?

The Solution:

Our premise:

In order to embed the Values:

  • Employees need to understand:
    • Why do we need these Values?
    • How do we demonstrate these Values?
  • Organisation needs to align policies and processes to reinforce the Values.
  • Leaders need to role-model the Values.

What we did:

Tier 1: Developing a common language

  • Conducted interviews and a workshop to develop a common understanding of the Values – what they meant in layman terms.
  • Agreed on guideline behaviours to demonstrate the Values.

Tier 2: Cascading the values

  • Conducted a series of workshops for employees to establish the link between business goals and Values
    • participants discussed the need for Values in their day-to-day work.
    • they articulated how they would demonstrate these Values at work.
    • discussed Values dilemma situations to identify challenges that prevented them from demonstrating the Values.

Tier 3: Aligning organisation policies and processes

  • Suggested refinements to align policies and work processes with the values.
  • Formed ‘Value Champions’ forum to discuss and resolve policy & process challenges.

The Result:

  • There was shared understanding of the Values and ways to demonstrate them.
  • Misaligned policies and processes were identified and refined.
  • Senior management became clear about their responsibility to ‘role model’ the Values.
  • Employees accepted their responsibility to live the Values.