Managing Change

Typical questions our clients ask us:

  • There is a lot of resistance to change. How do I encourage my team to buy into it?
  • How do I change my organisation culture? It is so elusive, where do I begin?
  • How do I integrate cultures of organisations post M&A?
  • I want a culture that fosters innovation and creativity? How do I assess readiness for this change?
  • How do we motivate our employees to ‘live the values’ in their day-to-day work?

Our approach and methodology to managing change goes beyond the rah-rah workshops and communication meetings. We ensure that both the rational and emotional sides of change are addressed for sustainable change.

Our clients have successfully adopted our systematic approach when implementing programmatic or organisation-wide transformation.

Our approach to change involves:

  • Defining a ‘desired picture of success’ after necessary changes have been institutionalised
  • Mapping the journey from the ‘as is’ i.e. current state towards the ‘to be’ i.e. desired state
  • Developing clear strategies to overcome foreseeable challenges that may hinder the journey.