Mission & Vision

Articulating a mission and vision for an organisation involves a careful balancing act. Lofty statements may encourage a certain (perhaps justified) cynicism about the process, but at the same time it is important to aspire, inspire and create a shared image of what an organisation stands for and where it wants to be. Doing so, provides a context and direction for subsequent strategic planning for the organisation and prevents a waste of time and resources pulling in contradictory directions.

Recognising and resolving these tensions is an inherent element for success. This depends not only on the appropriateness of the statements agreed upon but, equally crucially, how they are derived in the first place and communicated to the organisation as a whole.

We work with organisations to help them articulate their mission and vision through interactive workshops and leadership sessions. Our Appreciative Inquiry based process enables organisations to reconcile current reality constructively, with the aspirational state, to develop mission and vision statements that propel the organisation forward.