Org. Structure & Process Redesign

Developing a new organisation structure and redesigning of processes can be chaotic and unsettling. There is no one right way to reorganise as there are many different models suggested by leading management thinkers. Whatever be the model, reorganisation involves much more than development of charts and associated reporting relationships. Our designs have enabled organisations to achieve desired capabilities and steered them towards higher performance.

We begin the redesign process by identifying key winning capabilities. This includes articulating the profile of its products and services, the target customer segments, desired customer experience, employee experience etc. Working with the leadership team, we identify:

  • The need for structural change.
  • Critical capability gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Key decisions that must be taken.

To identify areas for process improvement, we use RACI methodology to map processes. We develop a set of principles to guide the selection of the alternative structure and processes. We facilitate a workshop to deliberate on the design alternatives and select a design that is most appropriate to an organisation’s needs.