Organisation Design

Typical questions our clients ask us:

  • How do I ensure that our mission and vision reflect our organisation’s priorities?
  • How do I restructure my organisation to accelerate growth and global expansion?
  • How do I know if restructuring is the best answer to the issues that we are currently facing?
  • How do I redesign jobs to get a leaner and more efficient management structure?
  • How do I redesign roles to facilitate faster decision-making?
  • How can I break down the silos and structure ourselves to encourage collaborative working?

Today’s business environment is anything but stable; it is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. In short, VUCA. This necessitates organisation design to be flexible and responsive to deal with opposing tensions that define the present-day business environment.

These opposing tensions are characterised by flexibility and stability; new and old; cost and quality; benefit to shareholders as well as other stakeholders, etc.

The need, therefore, is to engage such tensions and allow for them to be constructive and creative in a manner that allows an organisation to move from an either/or to both/and situation; in other words be responsive.

We work with organisations to redesign structures, processes and jobs that can encompass these opposing demands. This facilitates clarity of responsibility, specificity in accountability, appropriate staffing and collaboration between units. Thus, enabling the entire organisation to be in sync and better respond to a complex and demanding business environment.