Structuring for Growth

The Client:

The client is the regional HQ of an MNC.

The Challenge:

Our client was given a mandate to accelerate growth and further penetrate into developing countries. Given this mandate, the regional MD felt that the structure was not supporting geographic expansion at the desired rate.

The Solution:

Our premise:

Driving market penetration requires a structure that facilitates closer collaboration between country and regional HQ. Job redesign and correct staffing will be key to operationalizing the new structure.

The statements must be relevant in the context of the changes in external environment.

What we did:

Tier 1: Crystallising the mandate

  • Conducted a workshop with the leadership team to discuss the new and bigger mandate.
  • Helped them visualize what success would ‘look like’.
  • Identified the types of decisions the organisation will need to make; organisation capabilities and employee profile required to make it all happen.

Tier 2: Redesigning the structure

  • Developed a new organisation structure around the revised mandate and identified critical decisions that needed to be made.

Tier 3: Operationalizing the structure

  • Redesigned jobs and career pathways to allow people to move from the country to the region and vice versa.
  • Proposed a structure that was more efficient, with individual levels having higher decision-making powers.

Tier 4: Communicating the new structure

  • Co-conducted a series of workshops across the organisation to explain ‘why’ the new structure, what is going to change in terms of jobs and processes etc.
  • Identified and developed performance measures and competencies for the redesigned jobs.

The Result:

The redesigned structure and processes of the Regional HQ, facilitated better working with the countries,leading to accelerated growth and increased market penetration.