Talent Management

Typical questions our clients ask us:

  • How do I go about crystallising a truly differentiating EVP and Employer Brand?
  • How do I define talent in my organisation? Is there a universal definition of good talent?
  • How do I build a sustainable talent pipeline that assures us of high quality and sufficient quantity of talent, capable to take on future leadership roles?
  • How do I ensure we have sufficient bench strength to meet the needs of organic and inorganic growth?
  • The loss of knowledge due to retiring workforce is a challenge.How do I ensure successful knowledge transfer?
  • How do I gain leadership support to transition from a ‘buy talent’ to a ‘build talent’ strategy?
  • While we have some of the best talent management systems, I am dissatisfied with the quality of talent. How can we improve the situation?

Strategic approach to talent management is a business imperative. Today it has become one of the top priorities for CEOs and HR directors since it is a key driver of growth.

One of the key ingredients of our strategic approach is building an Employer Brand. We craft an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that encapsulates the organisation’s brand promise and differentiates it from competitors. Employer Brand is the creative expression of the EVP. Building an Employer Brand, necessitates, that the employee experience is aligned with the brand promise as stated in the EVP.

Over the past decade, the pressure to attract and retain key talent has led organisations to invest increased energy and resources on talent-related initiatives. However, the result of these is far from satisfactory, due to a variety of factors such as inconsistency in implementation, HR initiatives not being aligned, varying quality standards and so on.

We work with organisations to refine/redesign HR systems to ensure that they are aligned with the talent management objectives. We coach leadership teams and supervisors to enhance skills in assessing and developing talent.