What our clients say

Statutory Board

HR Strategies helped us evaluate the internal brand perception of our Employer Brand and develop the EVP. Based on their methodology, they were able to glean very useful insights for us to work on, beyond just building the brand visuals.They have thoroughly impressed our working team and management with their depth of knowledge and their balanced pragmatic approach in ensuring that the branding solution works well for us. They went the extra mile by making time to time to explain the findings to the all levels in the organisation.


NETS engaged the services of HR Strategies to embed a Performance culture in the organisation and re-design the Organisational structure. The experience working with the HR Strategies team has been a positive one. They were knowledgeable and technically competent in the subject matter.Shubha has a strong ability to engage at the senior management level and ensure buy-in from all stakeholders to ensure project success. She also provided good counsel to challenging issues to ensure alignment of diversifying interests.

Changi Airport Group

HR Strategies has been exceeding professional and enthusiastic in sorting through the messy details and has produced a precise and useful framework for both our management and frontline team to refer to. We have had such a positive experience with HR Strategies that we recommend them to you strongly. They have been exemplary in the quality and timeliness of all submissions and always go the extra mile to give us additional value added advice.

Economic Development Board

HR Strategies developed competencies and competency based applications for EDB. The consultants have impressed our working team and leadership team in their immense knowledge of the subject matter and their intellectual firepower. This is well balanced with their good sense of pragmatism in developing something that will work for the organisation.In addition, Shubha and Rittu have displayed the ability to listen and understand the needs and concerns of various stakeholders involved in this project. What impressed us further is that they take pride in what they do vs just delivering whatever the customer wants.In all, we have assessed HR Strategies consultants to be highly competent, with a strong ability to deliver and definitely a pleasure to work with.

Hewlett Packard

HP had identified Total Customer Experience (TCE) as a focus area. HR Strategies helped in building a Customer-Centric culture towards both, our internal and external customers. They went about it in a very professional manner. They assessed the customer orientation of the group. They conducted a workshop to develop a roadmap for embedding a Customer-Centric culture. They also redefined jobs to make them more Customer-Centric. They exhibited great domain knowledge and got the team very engaged. Their management of all levels of the organization was exceptional. I congratulate them on a job well done.

Ministry of Manpower

The consulting process and the workshops received many praises from the participants. The outcome of the exercise was positive, and we have revised Mission and Vision statements which are clearer and reflective of our work and priorities.

Ministry of Trade and Industry

In my dealings with HR Strategies, in particular Ms Shubha, I found her to be professional, knowledgeable and possessing a high degree of integrity. She displays an astute understanding and awareness of the specifics of the organisation’s business. She also generously shared her rich knowledge and experience of best practices and the experiences of other organisations which had undertaken similar exercises.Shubha was dedicated in her service, clear in her recommendations, while also being keenly attuned to feedback which she treated constructively, resulting in a framework which could be professionally and practically applied.Shubha’s drive was unstinting, as was her pride and close partnership, throughout the project.

Singapore Expo

We engaged HR Strategies for fine tuning our corporate strategy and achieve alignment from various departments to roll out strategy.Through expert facilitation, they helped us crystallise the strategies, zoom into the critical elements and establish line of sight that was critical for successful execution. The consultant, Shubha, also shared her experiences from other companies that she consulted for. We are very pleased with the work they have done for us. I would recommend HR strategies for this area of work

NSCS (Singapore PM’s Office)

HR Strategies put forth various design recommendations for an optimal design. Their recommendations reflected an understanding of our current challenges, employee expectations and stakeholder needs. Their suggestions were practical as against theoreticalWe have had a very positive experience working with the team from HR Strategies; They have impressed us with their knowledge of the subject matter, their attention to detail and accommodativeness to meet our demands. What impressed us further is their willingness to go the extra mile.


ACRA worked with HR Strategies to redesign our organization to align with our strategic directions. Throughout the whole project, we worked very closely with the consultants who always availed themselves to address our concerns and queries. They are not only knowledgeable in the subject matters but they could also understand the concerns of our stakeholders and offered practical proposals that worked for ACRA. All in all, we had had a good and positive working relationship with the team.