Work-life Initiatives

Work-life balance has been a buzzword for some time. However, it has now become a key differentiating factor that greatly influences talent attraction and retention. It is not a soft option or a matter of ‘just being nice’; it is a business imperative.

While there is recognition that work-life balance is important, organisations have found it challenging to make it a reality. Giving employees greater control over how, when or where to perform work requires a flexible, open-minded and mature attitude from managers at all levels. In other words, it needs a culture shift. The complexity of devising effective work-life strategies is further compounded by the fact that, work-life effectiveness means different things to different people at different stages of life.

We believe effective work-life culture requires sharing a set of beliefs and values regarding sustainable work-life balance.

We work with organisations to build a supportive work-life culture. This requires developing work-life policies and initiatives, building skills, and bringing about a positive attitude change in employees and managers. We propose a 12-18 month program that has a range of initiatives, beginning with awareness sessions.

Institutionalizing a culture that reinforces work-life balance requires communication, commitment, engagement, skills and team cohesion.